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Get to know me

I started my journey into real estate at the age of 25 when I purchased my very own first home. Who knew that by purchasing a home for myself that it would come with so many advantages? I sure didn’t... After going through the long process of finding homes that suit me, placing multiple contracts on homes, getting denied, finally getting an approved contract, going to closing, and fixing up the home to my liking; I thought that I simply just had a home. In reality I actually had much more than just a home! I had an investment that could make me passive income, while also building equity.


I had a property that I could rent out if I chose.


This first property actually got me started into my investment career. I currently have multiple investment properties to include residential and commercial properties.    I have utilized different tools such as Air BnB, Section 8, and Traditional leasing to assist on my financial freedom journey . 

Long story short, you should buy a home! Multiple homes!

I’m here to show you why, and to help you out along the way!

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