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I’m Briana Berry! A millennial Real Estate Investor, Educator and Motivator.  I focus on investing in real estate, while also motivating other individuals from all over on how to create passive income. I’ve most recently ventured off into the beauty industry with The Beauty Bar..



B. Berry, LLC is an real estate investing company that was developed not only provide lucrative deals for my investment partners, but to also educate individuals of all age levels on  how to create passive income by investing in real estate and starting your journey to financial freedom. 


I purchase distressed properties, fix them up &  either sell the property to make a profitable return on my money invested or instead of selling it after I fix it up I may decide to keep the property and place tenants in to receive a monthly profit, while also gaining equity. 

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I am always coming across real estate deals that can create a positive cash flow. I am also always
looking for partners who would like to invest to create passive income. If you are interested in
collaborating with me in a real estate investment deal, please schedule a phone consultation at your
convenience so we can chat!


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